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How I Planned My First Trip to Europe ALONE

A tiny Muslim girl traveling alone in Europe… that doesn’t seem to be possible, right? Well, it did happened. In fact, it happened beautifully. 8 days in 4 cities 3 countries: Berlin-Dresden-Prague-Paris I… Continue reading

Pretentious Travelers?!! Screw Them!!

  After watching this short video by Nomadicmatt, I have to say that I  couldn’t agree more! Traveling should not be a competition. You should not compete with others about the numbers of… Continue reading

Euro Trip 1 Day 2: German History

Day 2 of European Tour 1 – March 2, 2014 Sights that I have visited TODAY! – Reichstag – Holocaut Memorial – Checkpoint Charlie – Sachsenhausen Concentration camp – Jewish Museum Berlin

Euro Trip 1: I’m On a Boat

Let the adventure begins!!! Here it is! My first time backpacking in Europe! My adventure on a night bus from Copenhagen to Berlin. Being really bad at geography, I was not aware that… Continue reading

[TH] Pack Your Backpack!


Euro Trip 1: “I Was Here”

A short video compilation of my first time backpacking in Europe alone! Itinerary Berlin, Germany March 1-3,2014 Dresden,Germany March 3-4, 2014 Prague, Chezch Republic March 4-5,2014 Paris, France March 6-8, 2014 Yes, I… Continue reading