Pretentious Travelers?!! Screw Them!!



After watching this short video by Nomadicmatt, I have to say that I  couldn’t agree more!
Traveling should not be a competition. You should not compete with others about the numbers of countries that you have visited. You should not listen to those people who say that you haven’t seen the real “wherever” just because you didn’t go to the places they have visited.

Traveling means different things to different people. We all look for something that we are passionate about. As for myself, I have to admit that I ended up visiting the touristy places probably more than I should, but I do have my own reasons for that. My love for history, people, culture, and old things usually leads me to end up at all the museums in the city. Well, of course some of these museums that I have been to are one of the world’s best museums, making them super duper touristy. However, while other tourists were taking their selfies, I paid to get an audio guide and really tried to learn something new. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. But I am proud that my travel has made me become more knowledgeable  and  more aware of the world history. Traveling helps me become a better global citizen.

So screw other pretentious travelers.
Just because I didn’t go out to drink beer when I was in the beer capitals of the world doesn’t mean that I haven’t been to the real place! I travel however I want whenever I want because this is my journey!

Competition = (n.) การแข่งขัน
Compete = (v.) แข่ง
Admit = (v.) ยอมรับ สารภาพ
End up = ลงท้าย, ลงเอย
Reason = (n.) เหตุผล
Knowledgeable = (adj.) ที่รู้มาก
Aware = (v.) ตระหนักรู้
Pretentious = (adj.) เสแสร้ง ทำเป้นว่าตัวเองสำคัญJourney = (n.) การเดินทาง